Tell us about an event, a group or person

that has influenced life or has a particular

link to the City of Beaconsfield.

Here are a few examples . .

RAI2014B 1


The subject areas can be wide, limited mainly by the individual’s interests and scope; ideally, of course, there will be a link with Beaconsfield or an indication of how the event or subject touched the city and its residents.


Here are some potential topics:



2014 will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Great War, WWI. It will also be the inauguration of a cenotaph in Shore Park in Beaconsfield in honour of soldiers, policemen, firemen and first responders who gave their lives.

Their involvement would make a great subject for this year's contest: the tale of those who fought or of those who waited their return, of restrictions due to the conflict or the joy at the end of the war, tales of those who made it back or of those who lost a loved one.

Besides the anniversary of WWI, all armed conflicts as well as the work of policeman, fireman or first responder could be inspiring historical accounts.


1. Write a biographical account of a Beaconsfield person who was involved in one of Canada’s wars.

2. What efforts can we here in Beaconsfield all make, however small, to delay global warming and why is this important?

3. Why is it important to remember those who died to save others?

4. What is a hero?  Explain and give examples. 

5.  Are any Beaconsfield streets or parks named after heroes?

6. There is one small park in Beaconsfield that has no name.  Do you know where it is and after whom do you think it should be named?

7.  Write an essay about Vimy Ridge.

8. What were the effects of one of Canada’s wars?

9. Who was Nichola Goddard and why is her name significant?