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Léo Dandurand

Léo Dandurand (1889-1964)


Léo Dandurand, having purchased the first car in Montreal in 1905, drove himself around town with his whole family onboard using an extension carriage made an early impression. A successful athlete himself, the flamboyant early co-owner of the Habs Hockey Club and the downtown Drury’s Restaurant and English Inn he was a very active participant in Montreal sporting circles, hockey, football and horse breeding and racing. He bought 6 acres of Farm 18 from the first mayor of Beaconsfield in 1940. The portion of the property included the waterfront house of the mayor which was badly damaged by fire a few weeks after the transaction. Dandurand had a near replica of J. L. Perron’s original design built on the original site which is now known as 288 Centennial Hall and with the surrounding park property still intact.